Tackle It Tuesday: Household Notebook

For a while now I’ve been reading about moms in the blogosphere creating a ‘household management binder‘. It never really appealed to me, honestly, because I thought there was no need for it. I am already a really organized person and seemingly had all my ducks in a row when it came to home management. However, it wasn’t until I read Organized Simplicity last month that I truly  understood the concept and thought it may be a really good organizational tool for us. Mostly because at any one time I may have 20 sticky notes and 3 to-do lists on our computer desk. It drives me nuts and frustrates me because I never know what to do next.

So, a few weeks ago I tackled the home notebook. I’ve been successfully using it for over a week now and LOVE IT! I honestly can’t believe I’ve waited this long to put one together.

The main purpose: to  help organize and streamline your life and home, and to have a place to keep all essential household paperwork. I used Organized Simplicity’s binder as a framework and then built my own.

On the front I keep my daily to-do list (you can find a printable here). The 3 most important tasks (MIT) for the day are on the top of my to-do. My goal is to complete these 3-4 tasks everyday.

The remainder of my to-do list is listed below–to either accomplish that day if time allows or add to the MIT list for the next day.

It’s really helped me determine what’s a priority and get more accomplished, instead of looking at my 20 sticky notes and wondering what to do next. AND, everything is in one tidy place instead of strewn about our desk, which helps me (and my husband) locate things easier.

If you’re interested, here’s a more comprehensive blog post about creating a home notebook.

My tabs/sections inside our binder include:

  • My Daily & Monthly cleaning lists (printouts here)
  • Budget Sheets
  • Gift Ideas (I have a sheet for every person in our house. When I think of an idea for a gift I jot it down here)
  • Adoption (packing list, to-do list, to-buy list, important emails/phone numbers)
  • Master Projects (List all the things around the house I want to accomplish, buy, or do in the coming months–some I add to my to-do list)
  • Travel (has this awesome packing list and vacation ideas)
  • Date Nights (has my list to leave with babysitters, babysitter name list, things we need to discuss on our date, and date night ideas)
  • Important numbers (all doctors, dentists, insurance etc. name/numbers/addresses)
  • Important papers/to file (kept in clear plastic sleeves)

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