My Chunk of Love


Our littlest guy turned 3 months last weekend. Although little he is not. He’s huge for his age (around 16 pounds!). He has rolls upon rolls and I just love it! I love undressing him, squishing his body next to mine, and kissing him all over. And the smell of a baby never gets old. So blessed to have this little sweet boy to love on!




5 Responses to My Chunk of Love

  1. So cute! I see glimpses of the whole family in him too. I miss seeing you.

  2. Amy says:

    He’s so handsome! Such a serious little face he has! I took a break from reading blogs for a while, so I missed his birth. So…very belated congratulations!

  3. Mandy Lackey says:

    Aw! So glad you are enjoying your little guy! :) He is adorable!

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