Last Thursday us Texans got some crazy weather. Well, crazy for these parts of the country. If you don’t live in Texas, this was a BIG DEAL. When it comes it snow or ice you can see Why Texans Hate Cold Weather and how unprepared we are when it hits. One of my favorite quotes:

We really never have to drive around in snow and ice, so when we even see a tiny bit of it, we freak out and cancel school, work, and life. The only way to cure a traffic problem in Texas is to tell people that tomorrow it’s gonna freeze. EVERYONE will stay home.

Precisely what happened. Thursday night it rained, then it sleeted, then it snowed, and it was a crazy mess for the next 4 days. There are some outlying areas where it’s still a mess and school hasn’t taken place since last Thursday.

In all my life I have never seen Texas look like this.


My parents (who live 6 hours away in another part of Texas) were planning on spending the weekend with us celebrating Christmas. After watching the weather all week they moved their trip from Friday to Thursday and I’m so thankful they did, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to make it. Roads were shut down all over due to wrecks and icy conditions. When they left their home it was 80 degrees and by the time they made it here it was well below freezing!

I’m thankful my parents were here. We spent a cozy weekend iced in together and my dad was here to help Justin bring the kids out in the ice/snow!




On the first day the kids attempted sledding with storage bin lids. Our neighbors, who are from New Jersey, saw our pathetic attempts and hooked us up with real sleds.




I had to snap a quick pic with our first winter baby.


We spent a lot of time inside by the fire, watching movies, making cookies, playing with new toys, and making gingerbread houses.





Our Jersey neighbors also came through and gave my kids appropriate winter attire to wear. Again, Texans don’t really own winter gear (see article above). In fact, my daughter doesn’t even have a big winter coat and my son only has one because it’s a hand me down. They were much happier playing outside with warmer clothes. (Granger is wearing Justin’s hunting mask).






On Sunday Justin took the kids to our neighborhood park to sled down the big hills. See that pond in the background? Aubrey had a small mishap when sliding down the hill (see video below). Glad we can laugh about it now.


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  1. Missy says:

    When I lived in Houston, there was an ice storm. Oh my goodness! There were accidents galore, it was on the national news and my mom called me long distance to tell me not to go to work! “They don’t have road salt or sand and they don’t know how to drive in it! Stay home”. It was pretty funny.
    I am so glad your kids got to see their world transformed by snow. Everything becomes something new and magical. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you don’t have to enjoy it for another five years!

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