Favorite Scripture Memory Resources

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One of the goals Justin and I have set for our family is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind. Every decision we make and everything we do should govern this. One way to accomplish this is to meditate on Scripture day and night,when we walk and when we rise, and as we go about our day.

When we hide the Word of God in our hearts and in our minds in affects everything we do and say.

“Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” Matthew 12:34

The Bible is clear about meditating on His Word. Since becoming and wife and having kids it’s been harder and harder to sit down uninterrupted and meditate on Scripture, so I have had to improvise over the years in order to memorize Scripture and make it important in our lives.

One of my favorite resources is when Scripture is set to music. We love to listen to these CDs all throughout the day-driving in the car, coloring, cleaning, or outside with the windows open. I find myself signing (and memorizing) Scripture all day when we make a conscious effort to have it in our home.

My absolute favorite for our family is Seeds Family Worship. We have learned so many verses just by listening to these CDs. I want all of the CD’s (hint hint) It’s really been amazing for all of us (including Granger).

Another favorite is Ask Me Whooo. These are songs that teach the Westminster Shorter Catechism and they are really catchy. In conjunction with this we use the Truth and Grace books during our family worship time. Since we both grew up in a Baptist church, learning catechisms was a foreign concept to us until close friends pointed out the huge benefits. For one, it provides a solid Biblical basis for all knowledge about God and Scripture; one to build upon later.

Just last week we saw the benefits of teaching catechisms with Aubrey. We were at a store where a lady (presumably Muslim) was wearing a head covering. When Aubrey asked why we she was wearing it we were able to explain to her that some people chose to believe in books other than the Bible and worship other Gods. We then asked her some basic questions and she was able to relate back to us that there is only one true God. We were amazed!

Since our family is beginning to memorize more and more verses and catechism questions we just recently started implementing the Scripture Memory Box. We do this at mealtime and it’s made a world of difference in reviewing Scripture and catechisms and keeping God’s word in our hearts. A good friend uses this method as well and when I visited her last month I was blown away at how much her 5 & 6 year old had memorized. In addition to the Scripture Memory Box we read a Proverb together every night at the dinner table and have Aubrey tell us what she heard. She may only hear ‘horse, wise man, & hate’, but we’re showing the importance of reading The Word and recitation.

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