Colton is HOME in the U.S.!!!

Many of you who have followed along remember last year at this time when I Ran for Colton in order to raise money and awareness for his adoption. I raised close to $1000 for this little boy who I loved and prayed for many months. What I couldn’t tell you at the time is that ‘Colton’ was in Hazel’s orphanage in Ukraine, which is why I longed for him to have a family adopt him. Knowing that he was still there when Hazel was home with our family inspired me to do something for this little boy who had so much to offer.


I have known since early spring that a family was in the process of adopting him and have had the amazing privilege of watching his adoption unfold. It brings me GREAT joy to announce that the little boy who we called ‘Colton’ is actually named Maks and is home safely in Arizona with a beautiful family to call his own. Thank you for those who donated to his adoption last year. YOU were able to sow a seed into his precious new life here in America, and I can tell you that his family is forever grateful.


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  1. Shannon says:

    This melts my heart!!! What an awesome thing adoption is!!

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