It’s been a sad, sad week in our household. I’ve had to cook for my family and buy diapers for G-man for the first time since he was born almost 4 months ago! We were so incredibly blessed by friends and family before and after the birth of our little boy with food and diapers and reality is starting to set in! Before G-Man was born I was provided frozen meals by women in my MOPS group, I doubled most of our meals and froze them, and I did a meal exchange with some pregnant mommies I know. On top of that, our Adult Bible Fellowship hosted a diaper shower and brought us food for almost 3 weeks after he was born.

I have enjoyed having my afternoons free and not worrying about cooking supper or slaving over the stove with 2 small children. It has blessed our family so much. So, I’ve decided to devote 2-3 days out of the month and prepare a meal plan and make meals that will last a month. At least that’s what I plan on doing…things don’t always go as planned with two little ones. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been buying meat on sale and marinating it when I get home (using Fix, Freeze, Feast book) then sticking it in the freezer. This past week I cooked several meals in bulk and froze them in gallon ziploc bags for an easy afternoon meal. All the preparation I’ll need is preheating the oven. It feels so good to have dinners, snacks, and breakfasts for the next month done! I encourage you to try and start small. In the meantime, check out THIS post on why cooking in bulk saves you time and money, and THIS post on planning meals for a month.

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