We were married in 2003 and thought we had our life planned out, but we soon learned that God had other plans.  We have been learning and growing ever since and this blog is one way to record and share our journey.

A Jesus-Lovin’ Family
We believe we were created to glorify God, and our journey is nothing more than our attempt to bring more glory to Him.  We love worshiping together, desperately try to live a Christ-centered life, and are raising, discipling, and educating our children to do the same.  Our children are young (6, 4, 3, & Newborn) and have not been born again, but it is our most fervent prayer that God reveal Himself to them and that they bring glory and honor to Christ.  Every day has new struggles…and failures, but we do believe that “children are a heritage from the Lord” and are “like arrows in the hand of a warrior” (Psalm 127:3, 4).  As Dr. Voddie Baucham says, we are just trying to raise a few ballistic missiles to send out into the world.

An Adopting Family
God blessed us with our first two children biologically and our third little blessing, miss Hazel, joined our family through international adoption.  It was a long and emotional journey, but one that we would do all over again.  After adopting, we added a fourth (third biological) to the family.

A Homeschooling Family
We truly never thought home and school would be used in the same sentence when we got married, but here we are now proudly beginning an exciting and wonderful adventure educating our own children.  We are in our third year now, have already been wonderfully blessed, and cannot imagine doing anything else.

A Frugal Family
We are big Dave Ramsey fans and are passionate about becoming debt free.  We enjoy sharing our money saving ideas with others and our goals (keeps us accountable).  We are currently working to pay off our mortgage so we can take that first walk on our paid for grass!

A Texas Family
We were Texans by birth and remain Texans by choice.  We don’t ride horses and wear cowboy hats, but we are very proud to call this wonderful plot of land home.

There is more to our family, but these are the basics.  You can learn a little more digging through our Favorites or always Contact Us…we don’t mind questions.  In short, our purpose is to glorify God.  We are far from good (much less perfect), but we are trying and hope that everything About Us ultimately points to Him.

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