Our Crazy Blessed Life

The blog has been quiet these past few months because we now have FOUR KIDS and life is busy. It’s crazy just typing that. Not in a always-on-the-go crazy (we really try and avoid that), but in a we-have-FOUR-KIDS crazy! Life is busy with home school, diapers, nursing, cooking, cleaning, laundry, therapy, fellowship, extracurricular activities, crazy work schedules, and getting a little bit of sleep somewhere in there. We’ve said NO to a lot these past 6 months while only saying yes to the best, yet life is always running at full steam.

I’m cherishing this time and have deliberately been stepping away from my phone and the computer to be present with our children, my husband, and in the Word. The little years FLY by as we’ve noticed with our oldest daughter, and I don’t want to miss these precious years by putting my attention elsewhere.

I hope to post in the coming months about our 3rd year of homeschooling (I seriously can’t believe it!). I’m learning more and more every day about teaching our kids, and I’m stretched and pruned by the Lord more every day. I’m so thankful His mercies are new every morning!

The home school magazines are flooding our mailboxes these days and I’ve got some planning to do for next year as I’ll be homeschooling TWO kids! Wowzer! 

In the meantime, here are some recent pics of our beautiful blessings!

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World Down syndrome Day (2014)

Today we CELEBRATE those born with an extra chromosome! What a blessing and joy they are to everyone! Beautifully and wonderfully made by God.

We celebrate on March 21 (3-21) because individuals with Down syndrome are born with an extra copy (3 copies) of the 21st chromosome.

Hazel is a blessing sent to our family from The Lord. She teaches us more about ourselves and about others every single day. We don’t deserve her and we thank God for his hand in our family adopting her. She’s truly a gem that is worth more than anyone will ever know.

I pray that God continues to use her life to show the world how precious all life is.

Love her to pieces!!


Spread It to End It

Today is ‘Spread the Word to End The Word’ Day. “The Word” being retarded. I’ve written about this before, and much to my surprise (not really), people actually challenged me on this topic stating that it’s ‘not a big deal’, ‘nothing personal is meant by it’, or ‘stop being so sensitive’.

Yeah. Ok.

Educate yourselves.

Use a dictionary.

And think of a more intelligent word to use next time you want to flippantly call something ‘so retarded’. There are plenty of others to use.

You may not mean anything by it, but it still stings a little.

Spread the word to end the use of the word retarded. 

Much love to you!


Postpartum Running

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I should have titled this post: ‘The Ebb and Flow of Postpartum Running’ or maybe ‘The Challenges of Postpartum Running’


If I had to describe running after having a baby it would be: sporadic and challenging

I recently told a pregnant mama to enjoy running during pregnancy because running afterwards is a whole different ballgame. Postpartum presents many challenges, such as having a baby that needs you all the time, nursing, lack of sleep, hormones, and body changes. Add in there 3 other little bodies and a husband and household that needs me, and running can be quite a challenge.

I had this vision of how I wanted postpartum running to be. This would be the first baby I ran with until I delivered, so I naively thought I’d be able to jump right back into running and it would feel fantastic. I was anxious to start running again after I had Davis. My body and mind were so ready to be running without a baby bump.

So, at 2 weeks postpartum I told Justin I needed to go for a run. I left the house and struggled through 2 slow miles. It felt great, but I decided my body needed a little more time to heal. So, again at 3 weeks postpartum I ran a slow 3 miles on my treadmill and I felt wonderful.

I decided at 4 weeks postpartum I would start regularly running again and slowly increase my mileage and pace over time. I do best when I wake up, run, and shower before the rest of the family is up for the day. I thrive on an early morning routine and the day goes SO much better when I wake up before everyone else.

I started back running early in the mornings, usually in the 5 o’clock hour after Davis woke up to nurse. I did this consistently for about 6 weeks and felt great and then one day, BAM!, I felt like I had been hit by a train. Exhaustion and hormones hit me square in the face. I struggled to run 3 miles. I struggled to get out of bed at all. So I decided my body needed a break for a while. I made a choice to scale back my running and focus more on eating well and sleeping well and run whenever I could.

I have followed blogs of women who were running within days of delivering and then running marathons months later–all the while being a stay-at-home mom and breastfeeding. However, I have to listen to MY body and do what is best for MY family. I have no idea what these women’s day to day life look like, how they struggle, or how their homes function. I need to do what’s best for my family and me during this time and not aspire to do (or even covet) what other women have done after having a baby.


So, for the past few weeks my running has been very sporadic. I run when I can and it’s usually only 3-4 easy miles. If I need more sleep, then I sleep. Yes, my mornings start off on a better foot when I wake up, run, shower, and dress before the kids wake up, but my body functions better as a whole when I get an adequate amount of rest. It’s the ebb and flow of this stage of life and I’m taking it one week at at time.

I know this is a season and I’m savoring the present, not wishing for the next stage of life. As much as I would like to be waking up every morning and running, it does not define me. As my husband recently reminded me, eternally, running doesn’t matter, but raising and nurturing a family well does matter for eternity. There will always be running, but there will not always be this precious newborn to grow and nourish.

So, for now, I’m taking it day by day. Enjoying my running days, but enjoying my baby boy even more.


Wordless Wednesday




















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